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Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

I think we all have insecurities that we try to hide and pretend don’t exist around others. For me, it’s always been my teeth. Growing up a had a major underbite that made me smile just like my dog. While it was cute on him, I hated it and began smiling with my lips closed. Hating my bite lead me to bad brushing habits growing up, and eventually, my teeth began to yellow as well. While braces were thankfully able to fix the underbite, the staining just seemed to get worse and worse with age. I’m only 21, I should be proud of my smile and be cheesin’ often -- but unfortunately, I’ve been hiding my pearly not-so-whites since middle school.

Of course, I knew about different solutions and I’ve sold my arm and leg for different varieties of white strips along the way, but most of the time they would hurt so much that I'd rather have yellow teeth than sensitive ones.

Pictures of me where I felt especially unconfident because of the shade of my teeth

When I started college, I started focusing more on blogging and using Instagram as a platform. Unfortunately, social media can be detrimental and I noticed myself getting upset about my smile. I learned how to digitally whiten my teeth in apps, but even that looks artificial and didn’t feel right. I knew I needed a solution fast, and thankfully Smile Brilliant arrived at my door.

Smile Brilliant is an at-home whitening kit that sends you everything you need for a whiter smile, no appointments necessary! I am so fortunate that Smile Brilliant gifted me a kit, and I am so excited to share my teeth whitening journey with you. I know a lot of people who are in the same boat as me and are looking for something to make them feel confident about their smile, and I am so excited that Smile Brilliant was the perfect solution for me.

How it Works

When you first order Smile Brilliant, they send a kit to your home with an impression mold and your whitening gel. I have extremely sensitive teeth, so I also receive desensitizing gel to help with any pain that could occur. It was super easy to take the molds and reminded me of making my retainer molds at the orthodontist from middle school. After taking impressions of your teeth, you seal them back up in the envelope they provide you and drop it in the mail.

Once your impressions arrive at the lab, the magic happens. They are able to create a tray shaped just like your teeth and they mail it back to you. This is perfect for me because my teeth have a unique shape and size to them, so I never had to worry about the trays fitting in my mouth. An added bonus, the trays are super soft and not painful like the retainers we all “forgot” to wear growing up.

Once you get your trays back, the whitening begins. The gel comes in easy to squeeze vials that allow you to distribute it evenly across your teeth. I spent about an hour whitening my teeth each night. I also chose to whiten mine 3 nights a week to avoid sensitivity. It’s recommended to use every day, but I love how you are able to cater to your needs. You can either whiten continuously until you use all your gel or until you get to your desired shade. I got to my desired shade, and am saving the rest for later. The best part is, now that I have my trays, it’s super easy for me to order refills of my gel if I ever notice I want to whiten again. I’m a coffee addict, so I already know I’m going to whiten the rest of my life.

The Result

I am so much more confident with my smile knowing that I was able to get it to the exact shade of white on my own terms. Getting your teeth whitened professionally can often be expensive and painful, and I loved the flexibility Smile Brilliant gave me to pick and choose days to ensure my sensitive teeth were still living their best life.  Also, the Smile Brilliant team was by my side the whole time and helped answer any questions I had about the product, which was awesome because I’m not a dentist and I definitely don’t know anything about teeth.

Recent pictures of the smile I now adore.

What I do know is that I know have a beautiful smile that I adore showing off, and that confidence has helped me blossom into a brand new me! And I want to help one of you feel as beautiful and powerful as me. I’m teaming up with Smile Brilliant to give away one free kit so you too can whiten to your heart's desire! Head over to my Instagram post and comment one thing you love about yourself to be entered to win. When you're done, click this link to enter! You can also use my code "lenadaniels15" for 15% off sitewide.

Shoutout to Smile Brilliant for making me feel brilliant about my shiny teeth and me. Chip Skylark would be proud!



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