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Summer Pick-Me-Ups I've Been Loving!

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.

Summer 2020 looks a bit different than what we are used to, however, I wasn't going to let that stop me from making the most of it! I just graduated college, moved in with my boyfriend, and turned 22 -- I am determined to not let this summer feel like a waste. Luckily, some of my favorite brands had the same idea and sent over an amazing box full of goodies to celebrate my favorite season of the year!

Swig Life

Nothing screams "summer" more than enjoying a cold beverage by the water. Swig Life hooked me up with the cutest steamless wine cup to hold a party in the palm of my hand! The fun teal pattern reminds me of a day at the pool, and the best part is that it keeps drinks cold up to 9 hours -- perfect for surviving the Florida heat! These Swig cups are now a staple in our house, and I reach for them at least once a day!

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Vita Liberata

Now that I'm working full time, my days laying by the pool or beach have been cut in half. Unfortunately, that means I'm still sporting my pale winter glow, so self-tanner is a must if I want to resemble someone who lives in Florida. Vita Liberata had been saving the day with their Fabulous Self Tanning Mist and Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimiser.

If you've never self tanned before, I know it can sound a bit daunting! I actually prefer it because it is a safer alternative than baking in the sun and exposing yourself to harmful UV rays and gives you a healthy glow. I typically use the Fabulous self-tanning mist in the morning. I always use a tanning mitt so I don't stain my hands, and I apply to clean, dry, exfoliated skin in a circular motion. It needs about 8 hours to fully develop, but then it's easy peasy to just rinse off in the shower -- avoiding any oily shower gels. I apply moisturizer afterward to keep my tan looking it's best. Not only am I able to achieve an effortless glow, but the Fabulous Self Tanning Mist brightens & conditions my skin and also dries quickly so I can go on with my day.

Now one of my biggest struggles with self-tanning was my face. I never wanted to apply tanner directly to my face, however, then I didn't have an even coat. Luckily Vita Liberata created the Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer so I no longer have to worry. It's almost like a foundation, so I used it to blend out across my face, neck, and décolleté. It reflects the light to give you an instant glow, as well as conceals any imperfections and blemishes. Overall it helps give me the optimal color correction needed to self-tan with confidence!

The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill

Something special about summertime is that I love being able to head to the beach or pool with a good book in my hand. I typically don't get the chance to read much anymore, however each summer I try to pick one book to keep in my beach bag to read each time I go out. This summer I just started The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill.

It tells the story of a group of friends who revisit old memories at a summer villa on the Amalfi coast. So far it's been the perfect read for summer and has cured my wanderlust (for now!). I haven't finished it yet, but I already know it would make a great gift for some of the women in my life. The feel-good story reads so easily and it is a perfect beach read for 2020.

Energy Rush Stix from 4C

Now that I'm working full-time, I have started to notice that I hit that "mid-afternoon slump" each day. I'm not quite ready to be a "two cups of coffee a day" type of girl, so I tried out the Energy Rush Stix from 4C. They are a cheaper alternative to an energy drink and are sugar-free so I can avoid a sugar crash. Josh has even been loving them too! My personal favorite is the berry, but all have been tasty and lightly carbonated to keep me energized!

Manicure System from Cindi Nails

This summer I really wanted to treat myself. I was supposed to go on a handful of trips and celebrate my birthday in style, however, all of my plans got turned upside down. One thing that always helps me feel better after canceled plans in a little bit of self-care. With all of the nail salons being closed, I have been searching for the perfect at-home manicure. Cindi Nails sent me some polishes that included a Healing Base Coat that helped my damaged nails stay healthy, two shades of pink Natural Lacquer that I have been alternating between, and a Protective Top Coat that dries fast and shiny so I can go on with my day without fear of chipping!

I already notice how much stronger and healthier my nails are, plus they are pretty and pink -- which is perfect for the summer months! I have been loving the shade "Cheekini" on my fingernails, as it is still neutral enough to match everything.

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Summer 2020 may look different for everyone, but I've been finding joy in all of the little things, such as a cool drink by the pool or an at-home manicure. I hope this post inspired you to try out something new this summer to spice up your days!

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