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Easy Room Makeover with Peel & Stick Wall Paper

What a crazy month it has been! Josh and I are still getting settled into our new place after our big move, and I am so excited to share some fun home updates with you! We recently moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse in Orlando, and one of the best parts is that in addition to the master bedroom, we each have our own space for our at-home offices (which is super helpful right now since we are both working from home).

I have decided to use my space as part office-part closet overflow-part studio, and it’s the room I spend most of my day in. I’ve been so excited to decorate this space because I can truly be myself in here and use all the bright and fun colors I want without having to adapt to fit Josh’s style as well.

I’m very excited to show you how I teamed up with The Home Depot to turn a sad little corner of my room, into the perfect spot for taking selfies and checking out my outfits each day in a full-length mirror. One of my favorite things to do each morning is put on an outfit that makes me feel confident, and share a photo of it on my Instagram story. Even though I’m working from home and don’t get to show off my looks IRL, I’ve been loving sharing them with all of you!

For this little project, I decided to browse The Home Depot’s website to find the perfect removable wallpaper. We are renting, so I wanted to make sure this was a simple renovation that can easily be re-done at move out. I chose the Tropical Pink Lemonade Peel and Stick Wallpaper by Tempaper and when it came in the mail I instantly fell in love. To complement this corner of my room, I also purchased the Artificial String of Pearls in Macrame Hanging Ceramic Planter from The Home Depot and hung some decorations I had leftover from my old place.

I have never used peel and stick wallpaper before, so I was a bit nervous about how difficult it would be to do alone, but I was so pleasantly surprised. It was so easy to line up and cover the wall, and because the section I was working with was a bit wider than the roll I had, it was easy to cut to fit size! You can barely see the seam on the wall and all in all it only took about 15 minutes to do. I wish I discovered this sooner because it would have been the perfect way to spruce up my dorm in college!

Now for the fun part -- decorations! I knew I wanted some plants to show in my mirror selfies, so I selected the string of pearls and it came in the most adorable geometric planter. All I did to install it was screw in a C-Hook to the wall and I was good to go!

Finally, I accented the area with some wood signs and picture frames that didn’t have a home, and I am obsessed with the final project. This little corner reminds me of a fitting room at a small boutique, and I am so in love. My mirror selfies have been 100% elevated and each time I walk past my pretty pink corner, I smile. I’m definitely going to buy a few more rolls of this wallpaper to use on a bigger portion of my office and turn it into the boho-princess room of my dreams.

Thank you so much to The Home Depot for setting me up with some amazing products to decorate my home with, and stay tuned for more blog posts as we continue to finish settling into our new place!



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